Music at The Gem

Music at The Gem is promoted by Beaver Creek Brewery. Tickets available online at this website, at Beaver Creek Brewery and The Gem. Shows are usually at 8pm. For more information, call Beaver Creek Brewery 406-795-beer or The Gem at 406-796-wine.

The Gem is gaining a reputation as a listening room; one where songs are valued and songwriters are recognized for their compositions. Too much conversation distracts listeners and is disrespectful to the songwriters. Our room is designed to be quiet. If it is a solo artist, we highly discourage talking during the show. We encourage talking before the show, between sets and after the show but ask that during the performances, to keep talking as low as possible. If we are having a band, lets party and have a BIG time! The artists will always appreciate applause…of course.

There are three types of tickets for Gem shows: general admission, booth seating (10 tickets per show), and VIP (upper level seating, 12 tickets per show).

All online ticket purchases are final and non-refundable and will have a $5.95 shipping/convenience charge added whether the tickets are mailed or held for the customer.
Welcome to The Gem Theatre







Wine Bar and VIP Seats







View of the stage from our Booth Seating







The Gem Stage: 15’x18′ with EV monitors and mains, features a 24-channel Presonus Mixer








Saturday Feb 21st

Quenby and the West of Waylon Band-Texas Music- Tickets are $10 General. Booth & VIP are SOLD OUT!
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Saturday April 11th
Autism Benefit.  All ticket proceeds go to Autism HALO, a non-profit group from Glendive, MT. Mighty Big Jim and The Tall Boys

Friday June 5th
Dedric Clark and the Social Animals-Americana

Saturday July 11th
Keith Scott

Friday Sept 4th
Red Elvises

Friday Oct 30th
Shufflebums “Retro Electro Blues & Rhythm”


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