The Beer

A flavor for every profile. Find one of our award winning beer’s to fit your taste.

Our base malt is 100% Montana Barley.

IBU=International Bittering Units (how hoppy the beer is)

ABV=Alcohol By Volume


Rusty Beaver Wheat Ale

A local favorite! Non-traditional, big and bold wheat ale brewed with red wheat malt, caramalt, and Montana grown pale malted barley. A nice touch of sweet orange peel adds to a smooth malty finish.

ABV - 7.6% IBU - 20


Redheaded India Pale Ale

2009 People’s Choice Award Winner at Montana Brewer’s Association Brew Festival. India Pale Ale dark amber color with a rich hop flavor with just the right amount of malt sweetness. Dry hopped for added aroma.

ABV - 7.3% IBU - 96


Paddlefish Stout ALE

Brewed with dark-roasted grains, adding hints of chocolate with added fresh-brewed espresso. If you like coffee, you’re gonna love this beer! Served with a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.

ABV - 6.3% IBU - 30


Beaver Creek Pale Ale

Slightly darker than a traditional pale ale with a full body and well-rounded hoppiness.

ABV - 6.6% IBU - 50


o’Connor’s Irish Cream Ale

Light session beer. A favorite across the region.

ABV - 4.5% IBU - 15


Castor Mexican Amber Ale

A light, nutty, crisp amber served with a lime wedge. Ole!

ABV - 4.6% IBU - 27


Rough Rider Wheat Ale

Light ale brewed with lemon grass.


Lotsa Root Beer (Non-Alcholic)

Brewed with our secret recipe. Try with 2 scoops of Montana-made Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream!

Whisker’d Beaver

Whisker’d Beaver

Seasonal Offerings

Current Seasonal Beers:

Little Mo’ India Pale Ale

Whiskerd’ Beaver Ale